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What are the difference between those three journals?

A: “Vladimir Pips Carrier Journal” are trades that only selected by Vladimir.
B: “Best pairs + Vladimir Pairs Journal” are trades that i have selected as the best pairs
together with the pairs that Vladimir has selected.
C: “27 Pairs + Gold Journal” are trades that are used on all the pairs that i could find.

Are you using the same best pairs as you used on the previous months?

Yes, so you can analyze if you wanna you this Pips Carrier System with or without the best pairs.

What are the best pairs you are using as “Best Pairs”?

The “Best Pairs” i have selected are just random when you look at the “Vladimir’s Pairs Journal” and compare that with the “Best + Vladimir Pairs Journal” then you can see the difference what i have selected as “Best Pairs”.

What pairs are Vladimir using?

Vladimir selected the 7 Majors pairs, also you can see that in the “Vladimir Pairs Journal”

What time-frame are you and/or Vladimir using?

The time-frames from Vladimir are:
1-Hour chart
4-hour chart
Weekly chart
Monthly chart (this is what I’m using to,not Vladimir)

Are you using the exact copy of the signals the PC system gives you?

Yes, when the stop-Loss is 50 pips then I’m using 50 pips not more an not less

Can I add more pips to the stop-loss as well?

Yes you can, its very wise to do so because i have seen some trades that triggered the Stop and then it went in mine favor but when i have added some pips to the Stop-Loss then that loosing trade was then a winning trade.
But when you wanna add some pips to the Stop-loss please do not add more then 5 pips.

Can I change the lot size on these journals?

Yes you can, just go to the column J2, standard it is set to 10 change to what ever kind of money management you are using.

Options are:

Nano Accounts: 0.005/0.010 and up.
Micro Accounts: 0.050/0.10 and up.
Mini Accounts: 0.5/1.0 and up.
Standard Accounts: 5.0/10.0 and up
Never change the B column it will be changed automatically when you have change the digit in the J2 column.

Are the TP1 and TP2 prices included with the spread?

Yes they are with spread included and I’m very strict about this.
When the price is not hit even for a 0.1 pip then i don’t take the profit (on a real account i will consider to take it though) but not in this Pips Carrier journal.

What Strategy are you using on this Pips Carrier system?

I’m using Strategy 1.

The only disadvantage of this strategy is that I’m missing allot of those big movers.

You can also use it like this:
Lot Size: 10$
Stop: 50 pips
TP1: 0.5 x 50 = 25 pips + spread (take 80% of the 10$ = 8 $)
Move stop: When TP1 is hit then move your stop to > 0.5 x 50 = 25 pips to the entry price.
Stop to Break Even: When the market goes in you favor then with > 0.75 x 50 = 37 pips + spread(set stop to BE = Entry price).
TP2: 1 x 50 =50 pips + spread (take 50% from the 20% = 0.5 x 2 = 1$).
TP3: 2 x 50 = 100 pips + spread (take the rest of your position = 1$).
The only difference between this and the strategy i use is that I had been taken the 20% already on the TP2.


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