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Where do I install the files in to?

When you have unzipped the zip file then you’ll see 2 folders one is the Experts folder and one is the Scripts folder.
The files that are in the Experts folder you have to copy those to:
C:\Program Files\ MT4 broker name\Experts\
The files that are in the Scripts folder you have to copy those to:
C:\Program Files\ MT4 broker name\Experts\Scripts\

What can is do with this Emulator?

You can test a system that you like even when the markets are closed.

How does it work, how to set it up, how to start, please help?

  • After when you have restarted your MT4 platform click the Strategy Tester button.
  • Then set it up like this:


  1. Choose the Expert Advisor: LFH_Trading_Simulator_3,
  2. Choose the Pair you like to trade on.
  3. Choose the Time Frame.
  4. Choose every tick as your Model.
  5. Fill in the start and end date you like to trade (you have to wait so it can download all the data from your broker’s server).
  6. On this bar you change the speed(you can change even when it running).
  7. When that is all done then just hit the start button.

  • After you have hit the Start button you see this:


  • Now click the right button on that chart and load your template you like to test.
  • Look at this chart how to do this:


  • When you have load your template it will look like this:


  1. Now hit the Pause button.
  • Now let it run until we get a signal.


  • We have a Sell signal.
  1. Hit the pause button.
  2. Double click on the “LFH_Simulator_Sell_Open” script.
  3. You see the script window.
  4. Change your stop there where the signals tels you + 5 pips.
  5. Change your target, let say stop is 25 pis then target is 25 pips to.
  6. Change your Lot Size.
  7. Hit now the OK button.
  8. Hit the Pause button and let see if the signal was right.

How can I change the Stop and or Target price when I made a misstake?


Here you can see how:

  1. Change Stop: double click on the stop-loss red line and move this up or down.
  2. Change Target: double click on the Target green line and move this up or down.
  3. Some info now: This is your Lot Size.
  4. Info about Pips + or -.
  5. Info about the money in + or -.
  6. This your Stop in pips.
  7. This is your Target in pips.
  8. This gives you the date and time info on the moment the simulator runs.

Now let see if the signal works out.

  • This was a good signal
  1. Target price has bin hit.
  2. We have take profit at 25 pips is 250$.

You can do the same with a Buy signal but then reversed.

Can I also take a partial profit?

Yes you can, we wil take the same signal and change the target price to 50 pips.

Here you can see how:

  1. Double click on “LFH_Simulator_Close_Sell”.
  2. Change the lot size from 10$ to 8$.
  3. Hot the OK button.
  4. You have now 25 pip profit.


Trade Results:

  1. 25 pips has bin taken here.
  2. Target price was hit here and 50 pips was taken.
  3. A total of 75 pips with a 300$ profit.


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