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rtmm-imagesHe’s Jason Sweezey, And people called him the U-Turn Trader (usually behind his back he said).

Here you can read more about him

listen to what he has to say

about his U-TURN SYSTEM

I professionally trade Forex and other securities. I’m also an obsessed chart analyst.

Throughout the years, I’ve traded almost every strategy ever devised. You name it, I’ve used it: Pivot Points, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, and Price Action plus a few more exotic ones.

Listen, if there was even a small chance of making cash, I gave it a try. But most often, I would end up on the losing side of the trade. Until I created 4xPipSnager of course.

Was I bad trader? Nope, I just recognized that the popular strategies have a fatal flaw.

They work when the market is predictable. But they tend to lose big when the market takes a turn.

The problem is that these strategies will give you entry and exit points that must be rapidly recalculated when the market reverses. This takes time – and in active trading – time is money.

That’s why, I created another Powerful New System that anyone can use to detect and profit even from market U-Turns no matter what market it is; Forex, Futures and Stocks.

My Unique Reversal Pattern Tool is called Forex-U-Turn and it will permanently change the way you trade – forever!



First, take a look at these recent trades:


Here’s the zinger. The Forex U-Turn System not only protected my trading position from a loss….but it also dumped an extra 1230 PIPS worth $12,300 in my account.

I was supposed to LOSE money – not make enough to take a vacation!


Forex U-Turn is a chart prediction system that is dead-simple for just about anybody to use.

Simply applying the Forex U-Turn indicators + alert + template reveals the exact time to buy and when to sell ANY currency. Not only does it tell you when to trade but it will alert you at the precise moment a market is about to reverse.

With this information, you can close out your trade and have enough time to make a counter-trend trade to profit on the reversal!

This means, you can squeeze every last cent of profit from BOTH SIDES of the trade. Think about it this way…you make money 2x as fast because you are trading on both sides of the trend.

This is a sweetheart position that only the largest investment firms know how to use.

Today, I will give you the same power to profit like financial wizards in globe-trotting investment houses.



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