Questra Holdings Minimum of 3% to 6% Weekly

Questra Holdings Minimum of 3% to 6% Weekly

What is this for a company?

The company  Questra Holdings  offers investors around the world start making and carry out their plans and dreams while running a promising business of purchase and sale of shares of the companies making initial public offering of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO). Our unique business model and a specially developed product investor`s portfolio, allows to start business today, from the comfort of your own home. With multi-million dollar profits and thoughtful marketing plan, we can confidently state that we will satisfy the interests of any client.


What packages to buy:


The amount you want to invest is up to you off course.
But I would not invest in to the standard package, because you can not reinvest within the 365 days only when the 365 days has ended all though the profits after 365 days is 200%.
In all the other packages you can withdraw and reinvest when ever you have enough balance on your account.
You get payed weekly depending on the package(s) you buy, you can buy unlimited packages accept the Standard package.

How to Buy a packages:

There are now three options to deposit your account.

  1. Perfect Money
  2.  OkPay
  3.  bank transfer

Choose one of those options the deposit funds and buy one of the packages, then you are done


My package:

This is my second week and in my first week I earned 3.15%.
The profit after 365 days is potential, meaning…when you see the weekly profits 6.16% news announcement then you have to take of the 39% commission en when you have activated the insurance then you also have to take off 10%
Profit 6.16
90*6.16%= 5.54
5.54 * 39% = 2.16
5.54 – 2.16 = 3.38
5.54 * 10% = 0.55
3.38 – 0.55 = 2.83 euro

So I closed the Insurance and get more profit that way…this is all up to you off course.
To close the Insurance just hit the Manage button and you see a new GREEN button beside the Insurance line, just hit that button and then the insurance will be inactive.

To open your QH account just hit the link….
I will update the progression on this project every week, maybe I’ll make a short video on this company also.

But until then, just look into this and let me know what you if you have any questions!

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